More About Us as a Company

Here at The Electrical Showroom we pride ourselves in delivering high standards for customer service, products as well as what we do to help reduce our carbon footprint. We think its important for our customers to know what kind of a company we are, and what we do in the background. So, we thought we’d give you a few details of what we pride ourselves on behind the scenes.

We have three main objectives for our Environmental Policy (and it’s an important objective for us!):


  • Reduce natural resource consumption
  • Reduce waste generation and CO2 emissions
  • Minimise risk of land and water contamination


Here at The Electrical Showroom we seek to minimise consumption of resources. We are tight on recycling and reducing waste as much as possible. We identify environmental effects of our activities and either eliminate, reduce, or control what we use and do. We have committed to a programme of continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

We try and reuse archive folders as much as we can before buying any more. For us, there is no need to keep putting orders in for folders when we have plenty to use. The Cycle to Work scheme is also incredibly important to us, nearly everyone who lives within a reasonable distance cycles to work during this time come rain or shine, and usually continue to do so afterwards once they realise it’s not that bad! Plus, it does help us lose those stubborn few pounds we all crave to lose!

We realise buying online especially means you are putting trust in us that you are having your goods delivered and that any information you provide is secure. We as a team ensure that we maintain the highest levels of security, and we use high level SSL encryption technology which is one of the most advanced software options available.

We strive for a high reputation. Of course, we want all our customers to be happy, so we only buy the products we would use ourselves. Many of us have purchased the indoor cameras, Ring doorbells, light bulbs etc so we know what products work and what do not. We always look for products that we would want within our own home, so we do not expect our customers to buy something we think might be good, when that may not be the case. Plus, if we love it, it makes it easier to get excited about the new products we are selling (and there are plenty of them!)

Honesty and respect are a high priority for everyone here at The Electrical Showroom. Everyone is treated as an equal, and that same reason is why many of our customers keep returning to us. It can be hard to see what a company’s personality or ethics are, especially in the online world, but we think it’s important to share with you what we want out of the company but who we are as a company also.

We make sure there are social gatherings so we can still bond as a team even outside of work. We believe a strong and happy team means we have happy customers, as well as working life. It’s never nice to buy something from a company, and to have a negative and moody response if you have asked for a refund or have an issue with a product, so we believe making sure our team works well helps with this. The Electrical Showroom has become a family, an unorthodox family, but a family no doubt, and everyone has the same ethics that we want you, the customer, to have the best experience you possibly can with us! Oh, and to have some fun whilst doing so.